Tool that has managed to unlock more than 500.000 devices blocked by the activation lock of icloud.
Running from 2011 and offers the solution to icloud blocking since then.
It has evolved through its multiple versions of software development and server optimization.

DOULCI uses the host and DNS protocols to bypass the icloud activation lock. It’s a program that works in 2 types of versions. Online and download Software.
Doulci online. Scrip that communicates directly to the official device activator servers, its mirrors servers manage to bypass the icloud activation lock.

Doulci Activator Online Advantages:

  • No Installation Required
  • Intuitive
  • Light
  • Compatibility with all versions of IPhone/IPad/ipod
  • Compatibility with iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12

Doulci Activator Online Disadvantages:

  • Saturated server
  • Frequent connection errors
  • Servers with failures and with few maintenances
  • removed files

Doulci Activator Software

Like Doulci online, this also uses encrypted protocols and mirrors servers that manage to bypass the icloud activation lock.

Advantages of the Doulci Activator software download:

  • Files 100% correct for execution
  • Stable Software
  • Lightweight data transfer capability
  • High cache memory capacity.
  • Connection stability

Disadvantages of Doulci downloadable software activator:

  • Locked Files
  • Download link Fallen
  • Functional only for the IMEI registered in the database